eSports: What is it?

By 17 September 2017Information

Before we are going a little bit deeper into subjects such as: how to use eSports for your company as a marketing tool, it is important to understand what eSports are and how they work.

The definition of eSports is electronical sports, which means that competitions are held facilitated by electronical systems. The participants of those competitions are called eAthletes.

Electronical games are already being played for over 30 years. However, since computers started to sell and the internet became faster, more and more people started playing games on the computer. As a result of technological developments gamers were now able to  play online aswell as offline games. They started to stream their videos and viewers enjoyed watching it.

There are multiple types of eSports. For instance, fighting games, multiplayer online battle arena games (MOBA), first-person shooters (FPS) and real-time strategy (RTS). The most eAthletes play in the MOBA genre and this genre also has the most viewers. Dota / Dota 2 and League of Legends are MOBA games.


There are big tournaments organised all around the world and there are a lot of visitors at the eSport events. Many people are visiting these tournaments to see how their favorite team is playing. Besides that millions of people also watch the games via live streams.

The teams that are participating in those competitions train a lot. Some even work 14 hours a day. Training is needed as the eAthletes need to have quick flexes and reactions. Moreover, they work together in a team, so they need to do actions themselves but also communicate with their team members at the same time. If the game maker changes something in the game the eAthletes need to practise the new situation to be as good or better than before.


Big brand are investing in eSports teams and use them to make advertisement. In 2015 more than 35 million viewers were watching the League of Legends World Championships. This shows that these events have a really big reach and that makes it interesting for marketers as well.

The future of eSports looks bright. Football clubs from all over world have set up eSports teams to represent their clubs in national and international competitions. This means that offline games and online games are connected to each other and two different sport worlds are starting to work together.

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