Every Wednesday we’ll take you through the latest news related to eSports, we’ll highlight some of the most important or funny things that happened in the previous week. This week we have news about the Overwatch League, the ambitions of eSports becoming an Olympic Sport and Paris Saint Germain setting up a Rocket League team.

Overwatch League starts in January

The official start date of the Overwatch League has been announced, the league will start January 10, 2018. The league was already announced at Blizzcon 2016 but is now almost ready for the official start. The 12 teams are announced, each team represents a city across the world so everyone has a team close to him/her that he/she can support. The preseason already begins on Wednesday, December 6 at the Blizzard Arena in LA where the teams will face each other in exhibition matches. The Overwatch League is one to keep an eye on as it is an important league in the proffesionalizing of eSports, there are strict rules in terms of minimum salaries for the players, health insurance plans and retirement saving plans. (source)

eSports an Olympic Sports

If it’s up to the newly selected Asian eSports president Kenneth Fok eSports will soon be acknowledge as an Olympic sport. He mentioned that there are a lot of attributes and skills that point to it being a sport. Where gaming once was just a bedroom experience there are now already huge tournaments played in stadiums with up to 50.000 spectators. eSports will already debut at the Asian Indoor Games which is organized by the Olympic Counsil of Asia. Although eSports is growing it needs to make big steps before it will be acknowledged as an Olympic sport. If it’s up to Kenneth Fok that won’t take too long anymore. (source)

PSG Joins Rocket League

French football club Paris Saint Germain has expanded their eSports division by adding  a Rocket League team. The club was already active in FIFA and League of Legends. By participating in the Rocket League championship PSG wants to contribute to the growth and to the professional expansion of this eSports scene. They mentioned that Rocket League gets close to the traditional sports in many ways. (source)

Do you want eSports to become an Olympic Sport?