Last week there were some interesting headlines in the world of eSports. In this weekly news-update we will inform you about the most striking news articles that we have found. This week we have a new partnership with Subway, an interesting FIFA 18 tournament and the first high school eSports league.


SUBWAY new partner of Ajax eSports
Last week FIFA 18 was released and therefore a new season of the FIFA eSports division starts. At the launch of the game on Thursday 28th of September, SUBWAY announced to start a partnership together with the eSports team of Ajax. The partnership is contracted for one year. Senior marketing manager of Nordics en Nederland, Rodger Schoester is looking forward to the partnership. “We have chosen for a collaboration with Ajax sSports because we want to activate the SUBWAY brand in the target audience millennials and generation Z. Ajax eSports is following a clear strategy both nationally and internationally. We are happy to associate our brand with that.”

Commercial Director of Ajax, Menno Geelen also explains: “We are proud that we arranged a partnership for the upcoming season. The target audience of eSports is very important for SUBWAY and therefore the brand will be our partner this year.”


Online FIFA 18 tournament to win Celtic Tickets
In more FIFA 18 related news, the Irish football club Celtic announced a FIfA 18 tournament that begins this October. Players will compete with each other with, of course, the Celtic team and fight for the final price: two tickets to Celtic’s Champions League match against Bayern Munich at the home stadium. Besides that, the winner will also travel to Paris for the Champions League match against Paris Saint-Germain and he or she will also compete against one of PSG’s FIFA Players.

The tournament is open to 1024 players that match up with the requirements of being at least 16 years old and a UK or Ireland resident. Next to that, the participant should be able to play on Xbox and stream their games online. Some people are speculating that this tournament is also a test for Celtic to come with their own signed professional eSports player.

First High School eSports League
The Connecticut Association of Schools in the United States is bringing eSports to their schools in Connecticut. A partnership with the Electronic Gaming Federation will ensure that students can join and compete in the first EGF’s National High School eSports League. They’ll compete in weekly online and traditional matches, just like they would in traditional sports. During the pilot season of the league in October only schools from Connecticut can join. However, it is expected that in the future additional states and cities will join the competition.

EGF’s goal is to see eSports teams at every high school across Connecticut, just like with traditional sports teams. Clint Kennedy, supervisor of innovation at New London Public Schools in Connecticut, was very enthusiastic about this partnership. “Esports are an activity that “challenges our young people to collaborate, think critically, and engage persistently, even in the face of repeated failure, to achieve some level of success toward a desired goal,” Kennedy said in a statement. “I see many popular esports titles as a way to build these critical skills in hopes that we can transfer them to other domains.”

What do you think about High Schools embracing eSports?

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